F1 and cars ....

Ronnie Peterson, Didier Pironi, Gilles Villeneuve and (obviously) Ayrton Senna. Those were my heroes. All my live I have been passionate about F1. And now, with the rise of Max Verstappen, the passion is here more than ever.


I used mixed media: modelling using Rhino 3D, rendering using Maya, or exporting it as a wireframe and then shading it by hand (with markers or on an iPad). In that way you end up with a unique piece of art that will enhance any living room of the true car enthusiast.


A passion for technology.

Having studied Automotive technology, I always wanted to design race cars. I worked at the design department at Jaguar Cars and graduated at the University of Catalunya in Barcelona I did my final thesis at Nissan. 

Drawing cars using traditional pen and paper, as well as using the computer became a hobby. I basically use all tools available to get the best results: creating a 3D model and rendering the output, shade it using Photoshop, markers or pencils.

And lately high gloss aluminium using UV light to give the most beautiful effect possible!


Please also check out behance.net/basjaburg  and www.basjaburg.nl for more information.

And please drop me a line or send me a WhatsApp if you want to get in contact. 


Best regards,


Bas Jaburg