the perfect Corporate Gift

Introducing the ultimate F1 Desk Calendar - the perfect corporate gift for the motorsport enthusiasts in your company. This calendar features the complete 2023 F1 schedule, including all time tables of every grand prix, making it an essential tool for keeping track of all the F1 action throughout the year.


The calendar is fully customizable to match the colors and branding of your company, making it a unique and personal gift for your clients and employees. Your brand will be prominently displayed, ensuring that your clients and employees will be reminded of your company every time they check the schedule.


Not only that, it's a perfect conversation starter and can help to foster a positive, exciting and dynamic atmosphere in the office.


Moreover, the F1 Desk Calendar is a great way to show your clients and employees that you value their interests and that you want to make a connection with them on a personal level. It's a subtle, yet effective way of building stronger relationships with clients and employees, which can lead to increased loyalty and productivity.


Your F1 Desk Calendar will be a limited edition item, and a perfect opportunity to give your clients and employees a truly unique and special corporate gift that combines function, brand promotion and employee engagement.